Ted Nikolakopoulos

Photography for me wasn't just a Job, but my true love.

I think of photography as a collection of moments and emotions, something I was always looking for. A way to keep the memories alive forever. Despite my studies in computer science, the creative side of myself fell in love with photography. So photography quickly became a profession and the combination of creation and inexhaustible energy was channeled into weddings. My primary goal is to create something unique that will forever remain reminiscent of all the beautiful and special moments of a couple. The day that rightfully belongs to them, let's keep it alive through photos.

I truly love the natural and soft light.

The natural colors that are staying true to reality. My goal is to tell a story through photography adding a fashion and editorial point of view that provides a more stylish and ethereal side to the photos. The color palette and the details play a significant role that fascinates me as it gives character to the wedding. Every wedding is unique, and so should be its clicks.

My photographic approach to the wedding day is a non-intrusive one.

My ultimate goal is to remain discrete and not to intervene with the public. I want to keep the real feelings of the people I photograph by giving an authentic love story that will last a lifetime for every couple. Moments for both the couple and its friends and family.

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Every wedding is unique, and so should be its clicks.



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